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Monday, 27 July 2015
Posted by Arefin Rabby

Google Street View

Google Maps is the most useful & famous product of google industry .
We all know about google maps and google earth too .

About Google Maps : 

Google maps is one of the best products of  google .Google is trying to do something better for her visitor .Google has lot's of product to make happy their visitor .Google maps one kind of that .There more way to view maps .You can view maps in Bing Maps , Yahoo Maps , Four-Square or more other .
If you want to know which is the best for user and looking great then I prefer google maps .
Google maps is really user friendly .You can use this your own wish .

About Google Earth : 

Google Earth is one other app like google maps but it's better than Google Maps .
Google maps show your targeted location but google Earth show you the exact location with 3D photos.
If you want to view "Mount Everest" then you write Mount Everest and google earth show you same picture in Mount Everest. That's the espatility of google earth .

Now we are talking about the new product of Google "Google Street View" .Google Street View is one of the latest apps of google industry .If you want to view Rome , Italy ! Then what can you do for view Italy ? It's simple to go google earth and write the name you want to see .But google earth shows 3D picture . (It's 3D not real picture) so what you do ? 
Google think about this matter and they realize their new apps "Google Street View " .Like this ---

So if you want to view the world like this picture then don't lose your time and goo Google Maps .

For any kind of information mail me at  : Arefin Rabby 
Thanks for Visiting ,,

Monday, 19 August 2013
Posted by Arefin Rabby

Youtube Video Converter

Hello Friends ,

Video is the most important part of our daily life .

We all are like to see video's like music , tutorial , video songs, movies , drama and many kind of video we watch in youtube and many other video sites like Daily-Motion , Vimeo and many other .

But we not satisfy to watch those video online , some time we need to view a video again N again , but some problem we face to view those videos .
some are like : our BAD network connection , electricity , timing and many problem we face some times .

So this reason we need to download a targeted video to learn or view any kind of tutorial or song .
and we need this time a video converter . we have some video converter but they don't download High / MP4 quality videos .

Lot's of time we are download youtube video in our computer . this is an easy matter that download youtube video .so many people use many of video downloader for download youtube videos .lot's of video downloader are download video low quality, and they are promises you that they are download high or MP4 quality videos .
it's not truth , I don't say that every video converter are not well, but some are .

I have an idea that download youtube video's . without any video downloader ,

 WoW ! 

how is that possible ? 

Yes this is possible to download youtube videos without any video converter . simple just go to DetUrl .
and past your youtube video link then see , ,, , ,,  ,, ,
oh not forget to confirm that which quality you want   :)

So thanks ,
If you face any problem than please comment  :D

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Monday, 24 June 2013
Posted by Arefin Rabby

How to Make a Hotspot

Hello friends ,

Today's topic is "How to Make a Hotspot" :P

Everyone knows that (Without some people) how to make a hotspot in your computer or Mobile (Android).
now we need to know what is hotspot and who we use this ?

we know Wi-Fi is the connection that we use the internet without a mobile connection .
some are use there mobile net connection to protect there mobile in Virus . :D
Wi-Fi is the way that you use an internet with out any money or cable .so friends noW we know what is Wi-Fi . :)
now we need to use this ,
so many people use there Own connection in there mobile or computer, but they create a little or simple password to protect there Hotspot . if you use a Smart phone then you need internet connection  .without internet connection your mobile is like a toy . :P

so I hope you don't like to make a toy your favorite Smart phone . it's so hard to hack any Wi-Fi password, and it's not well for us . so if you have a computer then you have a internet connection Too then you need to make your PC/Laptop a Hotspot device .

Now you Thinking how can this possible ? 

it's an easy way to make your PC/Laptop a Hotspot . first you need a software to make your PC/Laptop Hotspot  .
1 . Go to this site  Vrtual Router Plus
2. Download
3. Install this (I hope you can , if you face any problem then write a comment )
4.Set a user ID or Password and
5. select Start  button  like this picture

Now your PC make a Hotspot and you browse internate in your Smart phone / Tablet .

Now we talking about mobile Hotspot ! 

(If you use a Android Device then this Peragraph for you :D)

It's a more easy way to make hotspot in your mobile and without any software .if you use internat connection i your mobile and like to share this then Go to Settings > Warless and Network / More >Tethering & Portable Hotspot >Portable WALN Hotspot. 

now use your mobile connection in your other mobile/Tablet /PC TToo :D 

Thank you .
Sunday, 12 May 2013
Posted by Arefin Rabby
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Google Maps Offline

Hello friends ,
if you have a smart phone like iPhone ,Android or Windows then you of-course use Google Maps .many people use this app of google .

What is Google Maps ?

We know what is google .google is the worlds large search engine .google have many product like Google-search, Google-Images, Google-Maps, Google-Play ,Youtube ,Google-news ,Google-Mail (Gmail) ,Google-Drive and many more .

some popular apps are Maps ,Youtube ,Drive ,Gmail and many more .
if you like to know what is the best video viewing site then I recommend you "Youtube" .
if you like to know what is the best messenger then I recommend you "G-Talk" .
same like me ,many people satisfy with google .

google maps is one of the best app for me , coz i visit many country and like to know about other country's peoples ,there nature ,there culture and more . this time I need google maps & google navigation .google navigation is the app you find your needed location ...

if you gone somewhere and disconnect your Wi-Fi of disconnect too you GSM connection then what you do ?
how can you fine the location ?
I have an idea about that .if you connect an Wi-Fi connection or GSM network then gone your exact location or press left button of your device and press "make offline" or save the location or view the location at offline :) :) :) use with happy ness 
Monday, 1 April 2013
Posted by Arefin Rabby
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Video Calling Software

Hello friends
Today I introduce some Mobile to PC video calling software .
It's an imaging some one talking with mobile and someone in the PC . :)

Everyone knows this Skype is the best video calling software for Mobile and PC .
It believes everybody Skype is the best for video Calling forever .

But without Skype we are talking Mobile to PC / Mobile
Today I introduce some best video calling software .

Tango :
Tango is a famous video calling software for Android or iPhone and Windows Phones . It's Not for Symbian Phone :P 

You also use it on your PC and easily talk with your friends on Mobile to PC.
You play games in Tango too and send text .
Tango is a messenger like Skype .
It’s spatial feature is “Play Game”  .If you want to play a new game so Download Tango Now :

Camfrog is an another messenger like Tango.
If you use a Symbian Phone then you use it .i mean it's better for Symbian Phone.
You also use this your Android , iPhone , Windows Phone and PC. 
It's a boring matter is small display .
Download Camfrog 

oovoo is too like tango or camfrog but it's special feaure is at a time 16 people chat with video calling in mobile .


There is more video calling software but those are the best .
 More femuse software are Fring ,Nimbuzz ,Qik ,Kakao

Thursday, 21 February 2013
Posted by Arefin Rabby

New Social Site

Microsoft new social site
. There are lot’s of social sites are in this world and some popular sites are Facebook , twitter , google plus and lot’s of more .I have some new news for you .

Microsoft is the one of the biggest software maker company in the world .They have a new product for us .Microsoft makes a new social site its called . Socl has been the great website forever . It brings many features for users . Users are using this social network so easily . You use this your Facebook and Microsoft (Hotmail) accounts  too and you share your status , photos , videos and more in your other social account’s . Microsoft like to compare this site with Facebook or other social sites .You add friends for your other account’s like Facebook , twitter , interest , Linkedin , Tumblr, and more .

Tuesday, 18 December 2012
Posted by Arefin Rabby

New Smart Glass

Eye glasses with the general view, as well as the information required to appear. Microsoft is coming soon in the form of digital smart glasses or glass. The Smart Glass 2011 Microsoft patents applied for in May, but the details have been published recently. If this comes to the market with Google's smart glass glass project challenge or compete with them. Next year it plans to provide developers with a glass in hand and the reality of agamenteda 2014 customers in the hands of the evaluation.

Smart glass using Microsoft said, repeatedly scoreboard during the game to see first hand the important scene or moment that will not be denied. Smart glass eye that users can find all the information needed.
Report by BBC
Sunday, 9 December 2012
Posted by Arefin Rabby
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Samsung Galaxy Music

Hello people
Samsung is the world best mobile company ever .Samsung released every month there new product (Mobile).

Samsung is thinking of all the people in the world . This matter samsung releases their new product “Samsung music (Android 4.2)“ . This phone for music lovers .Its storage 4GB space . You can use 32 GB also . Samsung create this phone for everyone . It has a 3.2 PM camera , Up 32 GB memory card usage , 3G support , loud speaker , 3.2 inch touch screen , and may more.
Samsung galaxy music is now available in Bangladesh. Its price only $192 Dollar and Bangladeshi price is £15,900 Taka .

Thank you 
Sunday, 2 December 2012
Posted by Arefin Rabby

Windows Blue

Hello friends .

Windows comes with her new Windows 8.1 or windows blue .
Windows is the world biggest software making company and now they are thinking of creating some new . Microsoft  is the world famous company for making software and computer . They are recently released there product Windows 8 . Now they are working for making windows  8.1 or windows blue . Microsoft corporation doesn't select  the name of this new version of windows . They tell
We are starting our working for creating new version of windows . Experts are telling Microsoft don’t tell so clearly what’s the name they decided this product name . We think Microsoft select this name Windows Blue . 
This  version is available for windows 8 users free .
This version uses too in windows phone
(Microsoft operating system mobile)  

Friday, 30 November 2012
Posted by Arefin Rabby


Hello people

Recently xbox passing busy time to create her new software xbox tv .The experts are talking about xbox . They tell xbox to always run game, movie, music and more .Now xbox thinking of creating a new software to watch live tv .
If you use xbox new set - top box then you enjoy this feature .Microsoft tells about xbox new software

We release our new software xbox tv in 2013 year "

. Same addition to Apple, Microsoft is creating a similar product. Apple must compete with Smartphones, tablets, after my time in the eye by Microsoft.
Monday, 26 November 2012
Posted by Arefin Rabby

Add live chat in your blog

Hello friends

so many people create her own blog or website . some people use it for her business and some peoples are using those hobbies . we added our blog so many widget or plugins and more . there have so many free blogging sits i writhe some biggest free blogging sits name  : wordpress , blogger , ,myoperalast fm, wix , weebly , jimdo , and more other .people use there choice . today i'm share you a little basic widget for your blog . 

Add a gtalk ( google talk ) chat option for your blog .
if you haven't  a gmail account so visit this link gmail then create a account free

or have a gmail account so visit this link add gtalk in my blog  . then you just copy this html code or past at your blog coding  .

now enjoy your live messenger on your blog

Sunday, 25 November 2012
Posted by Arefin Rabby

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